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Jeffery (You Know, The G-G) Finally Gets Something To Do

As electioneering gathers momentum and an intelligence officer blows the whistle on Australia’s intelligence services, the Governor-General, Michael Jeffery, has been dispatched to a wedding in Denmark.

It is believed there are no Australian troops in the Scandinavian nation…

Text of a media release from the Prime Minister, John Howard.


Responding to an invitation from Denmark, I have asked the Governor-General and Mrs Jeffery to represent Australia at the wedding of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Denmark and Australian-born Miss Mary Donaldson, formerly of Tasmania.

The wedding ceremony will be in Copenhagen on 14 May, and will be the focal point of a series of events celebrating the occasion, including a dinner to be hosted by the Governor-General for Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and His Royal Highness the Prince Consort in honour of the Crown Prince and his bride-to-be.

The Governor-General’s visit to Denmark will be part of a broader program of activities promoting Australian exports to Europe, including wine, Tasmanian food products, and Australian art and culture. This will provide an excellent showcase for Australia.

While in Europe, the Governor-General will also visit Germany, the world’s third largest economy and a major partner for Australia in Europe. While there, he will launch Weinwoche 2004 in Berlin and Munich, a major promotion of Australian wine and food.

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