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Greens Accuse Howard Of Partisan Political Behaviour Over Anzac Iraq Visit

The Australian Greens claim John Howard should have taken Mark Latham to Iraq as part of his Anzac Day visit.

Senator Bob Brown said Anzac Day should be above politics.

Text of statement from Senator Bob Brown, Leader of the Australian Greens.

Howard should have Latham with him – Brown

“The Prime Minister, John Howard, should have taken Opposition leader Mark Latham with him to Iraq,” Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

“Anzac Day is above politics. To keep it that way, Mr Howard should have taken the leader of the Opposition.

“There have been more than 400 days since the invasion of Iraq, including last Anzac Day, and the choice of this Anzac Day for Mr Howard’s first visit is belated. He could have gone much earlier,” Senator Brown said.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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