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Democrats Leader Andrew Bartlett Addresses The National Press Club

The leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Andrew Bartlett, has addressed the National Press Club.

Bartlett’s election appearance was followed eleven days later by a disastrous showing in the election. The Democrats were defending three Senate seats, all of which were lost. The Democrats polled just 2.1% in the Senate. In the House of Representatives, its vote fell 4.17% to just 1.24%.

By contrast, the Australian Greens lifted their vote to 7.7% in the Senate and won an extra 2 seats, giving the party 4 in total.

Bartlett relinquished the leadership following the election and became deputy leader to Allison. He was amongst the remaining 4 Democrats senators who lost their seats at the 2007 election, bringing to an end 30 years of Senate representation.

  • Listen to Andrew Bartlett (60m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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