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Archives for November 2004

Laurie Ferguson Lashes Stephen Conroy Whilst Latham Reflects On His Leadership Style

After a weekend of confrontation with Senator Stephen Conroy, Mark Latham commented on his leadership style.

Meanwhile, Laurie Ferguson, the ALP member for Reid since 1990, offered Shadow Immigration Minister Conroy a free character analysis and political assessment. [Read more…]

Howard And Rudd Comment On ASEAN Non-Aggression Treaty

As Prime Minister John Howard flies out to attend the ASEAN Leaders’ Summit, he has commented on the ASEAN Non-Aggression Treaty.

The Opposition’s Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd, also commented on the treaty.

ASEAN is the Association of South-East Asian Nations. The organisation was formed in 1967. Its members are: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam.

Australia and New Zealand attend the Leader’s Summits but neither country is a formal member of ASEAN. [Read more…]

Malcolm Turnbull (Lib-Wentworth) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech to the House of Representatives of Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal member for Wentworth.

Turnbull was elected to the NSW electorate of Wentworth after he defeated the previous Liberal member, Peter King, in a hard-fought preselection contest.

Best known as the chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, Turnbull had a career in journalism, the law and business before entering the parliament at the age of 50. [Read more…]

Address-In-Reply Speech: Mark Latham, Leader of the Opposition

This is the Address-in-Reply speech of the Leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham.

The Address-in-Reply debate is the formal occasion in which members can respond to the Governor-General’s speech opening Parliament.

The speech turned out to be one of Latham’s last contributions to the House. He resigned the leadership of the ALP and his seat of Werriwa in January 2005.

In the speech, Latham baited visitors in the public gallery who were waiting to hear Malcolm Turnbull’s maiden speech. The future prime minister spoke after Latham. [Read more…]

Personal Explanations – House of Representatives

Members of Parliament may rise in the chamber and claim to be misrepresented.

Members who claim to be misrepresented are permitted to give a brief personal explanation.

This is the text and audio of personal explanations from three members of the House of Representatives on November 29, 2004.

The three members were: Ian Causley, the National Party member for Page; Anthony Albanese, the ALP member for Grayndler; and Tony Windsor, the independent member for New England. All three members were from New South Wales. [Read more…]

Presentation Of Petitions – House Of Representatives

This is the Presentation of Petitions in the House of Representatives on November 29, 2004.

The text of some of the petitions is also shown below.

This 6-minute clip of the Presentation of Petitions is longer than normal because of the intervening election period. [Read more…]

Condolences For Former Senator Janine Haines – House Of Representatives

The House of Representatives has paid tribute to former Senator Janine Haines, who died on November 20, 2004. She was 59.

Haines was first appointed to a South Australian casual vacancy in the Senate in 1977. At that time, she replaced the former Liberal Movement Senator Steele Hall, who had resigned and ultimately rejoined the Liberal Party and was elected to the House.

Haines’ term expired in 1978, but she was elected as an Australian Democrats senator at the 1980 election, taking her seat in 1981. Following Don Chipp’s retirement in 1986, she became leader of the party.

Haines resigned her Senate seat to contest the House seat of Kingston at the 1990 election but she was defeated by the sitting Labor MP, Gordon Bilney. [Read more…]

Statements By Members – House Of Representatives

Statements by Members is an occasion in the House of Representatives when members have 90 seconds to speak on any subject they wish.

Statements by Members is usually held at 1.45pm for 15 minutes prior to Question Time.

Members usually take the opportunity to make a brief statement about people, events or occasions of note in their electorates. [Read more…]

Sharon Bird (ALP-Cunningham) – Maiden Speech

This is the first speech to the House of Representatives by Sharon Bird, the ALP member for Cunningham.

Bird regained Cunningham for the ALP at the 2004 federal election, defeating the Greens member, Michael Organ, who had held the seat since winning it at a by-election in 2002.

  • Listen to Sharon Bird (22m)

Hansard transcript of maiden speech by Sharon Bird, ALP member for Cunningham. [Read more…]

Andrew Robb (Lib-Goldstein) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech to the House of Representatives by Andrew Robb, the Liberal member for Goldstein.

Robb came to the Parliament, at the age of 53, after a career in business and as head of the National Farmers’ Federation.

He also served as Federal Director of the Liberal Party from 1990 until 1996. He was the campaign director for the party’s losing campaign in 1993 and its winning campaign in 1996. [Read more…]