Michelle Who? Beazley Fluffs Radio Interview

In a radio interview today, Opposition Leader Kim Beazley struggled to identify Michelle Leslie, the young woman arrested in Indonesia for possession of ecstasy tablets.

In the interview, Beazley was asked for his opinion on Lee’s release.

  • Listen to the exchange (41s)
  • Watch Beazley (2m)

Partial transcript of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s radio interview.

Beazley: Oh, well, I’m glad she’s out … ah, Michelle Lee … I think, is it?

Host: Michelle Leslie.

Beazley: .. Leslie.

Host: The girl who was in the news a moment ago.

Beazley: Oh, right … I wasn’t listening, sorry. Ha, ha, ha … ah …

Host: This is the girl who the police in Indonesia found in possession of a couple of ecstasy tablets.

Beazley: Oh, no, sorry, I thought you said Lee. Lee, not Leslie. Oh, OK, right, um. Well, I think she’s, um, lucky to be out and I’m glad she is … I’m not going to get into a theological discussion about conversion to Islam.

Following her release from custody in Indonesia, Michelle Leslie held a press conference.

  • Listen to the press conference (22m)
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