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Archives for March 2006

President Bill Clinton – An Overview

William Jefferson Clinton was Governor of Arkansas when he was elected the 42nd President of the United States in November 1992.

ClintonSworn into office on January 20, 1993, Clinton was soon embroiled in controversy over the question of gays in the military. He embarked upon an ambitious program of reform, including an ill-fated attempt to reform Health Care in 1994.

At the mid-term congressional elections of 1994, the Democratic Party lost control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, ushering in a period of confrontation between the Congress and the President. A shut-down of the US government occurred in late 1995 following the breakdown of negotiations on the passage of the President’s budget. [Read more…]

Howard And Andrews Announce New Director Of Office Of Workplace Services

This is the audio of a joint press conference called by Prime Minister John Howard and Industrial Relations Minister Kevin Andrews.

They announced the appointment of Nicholas Wilson as Executive Director of the Officer of Workplace Services. [Read more…]

Howard And Abbott Abortion Counselling Press Conference

This is the press conference held by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Health Minister Tony Abbott on the subject of pregnancy support counselling.

They announced that the government would introduce a Medicare payment for pregnancy support counselling by General Practitioners. Additionally, the government would fund a National Pregnancy Support telephone helpline.

  • Listen to Howard and Abbott (24m)

Transcript of joint press conference with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Health Minister Tony Abbott.

HOWARD: Well ladies and gentlemen this news conference has been called by Mr Abbott and me to announce some Government proposals regarding pregnancy support counselling. [Read more…]

Treasurer Peter Costello Addresses The National Press Club

This is Treasurer Peter Costello’s Address to the National Press Club, in Canberra.

The address took place ahead of the 2006-08 Budget, Costello’s 11th as Treasurer. [Read more…]