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Archives for May 2006

Kim Beazley’s Budget Reply Speech 2006

The Leader of the Opposition, Kim Beazley, has delivered his Budget Reply Speech on behalf of the ALP.

Beazley said the budget “fails Middle Australia and mortgages our kids’ future”. He announced what he described as a “pact with Middle Australia”.

  • Listen to Kim Beazley’s Speech (31m)

Hansard transcript of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s Budget Reply Speech.

Mr BEAZLEY (Leader of the Opposition) (7:30 PM) —This budget fails Middle Australia and mortgages our kids’ future. That is why tonight I want to speak to the families of Australia about our shared hopes and aspirations for the future. I want to speak directly to the millions of Middle Australians at home with their families in the suburbs, the country towns, the cities and the bush. This is for them. Probably they are just finishing dinner, washing the dishes, helping the kids with their homework, all the time trying to keep half an eye on the TV—managing the competing demands that crowd each waking moment; sitting at tables in kitchens where the magnets chase the bills around the fridge door until payday; figuring out if there is enough in the bank to cover this month’s mortgage or if there is enough petrol in the car to get to the child-care centre, then school, then to work and then home; doing the mental arithmetic of family life; tired at the end of another working day, knowing it starts all over again tomorrow. They are the ones I really want to speak to—not the politicians, not the journalists. [Read more…]

Treasurer Peter Costello Delivers 2006 Federal Budget

The Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, has introduced the 2006-07 Budget to the House of Representatives.

  • Listen to Costello’s Budget Speech (32m)

This is the official text of the Budget Speech delivered by the Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello.

Mr Speaker I move that the Bill now be read a second time.


Australia has weathered some economic storms over the last decade — storms every bit as deadly as the cyclones that lashed the north of our continent in the early part of this year. We have weathered the Asian financial crisis, a global downturn, a one in a hundred year drought. We have had threats to our international tourism from new diseases such as SARS. We have had terrorist attacks and the security response has brought huge additional costs and challenges. Our military forces are in theatres of war. [Read more…]

Peter Costello Budget Speech 2006-07

The Treasurer, Peter Costello, has delivered the Howard government’s 11th Budget.

The 2006-07 Budget includes tax cuts and a streamlining of the superannuation system. Government net debt has been eliminated and a capital injection of $18 billion has been made into the Future Fund.

The Budget is projected to have a surplus of $37.5 billion. The current Budget 2005-06 is expected to finish with a surplus of $13.5 billion. [Read more…]

Richard Carleton: From The Dismissal To Beaconsfield

Richard Carleton, one of Australia’s best known journalists, has died, aged 63.

Richard Carleton on November 11, 1975Carleton was attending a media conference at the Beaconsfield mine in Tasmania. Following a question to mine manager Matthew Gill, Carleton walked away and collapsed. He died shortly afterwards. Channel 9 tonight broadcast Carleton’s last report on the man-made causes of the mining disaster.

Carleton’s is one of the faces in the famous Dismissal picture of Gough Whitlam on the steps of Old Parliament House on November 11, 1975. [Read more…]