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Archives for June 2006

Kim Beazley Statement To The House On Iraq

This is Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s response to Prime Minister John Howard’s Ministerial Statement on Iraq.

The statement concerned Australia’s Defence Force commitment in southern Iraq.

  • Listen to Kim Beazley (17m)

Hansard transcript of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s statement to the House of Representatives on Iraq.

Mr BEAZLEY (Leader of the Opposition) (3:29 PM) —I agree with the last sentence of the Prime Minister’s statement. As always, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are serving their country bravely. But we should never have gone to Iraq in the first place, and we should not be there now. Iraq is a quagmire and staying there is not in our national interest. Make no mistake about it: we are opposed to the war in Iraq. We want our troops in Al Muthanna province home now, as the Japanese withdraw. [Read more…]

John Howard Statement To The House On Iraq

This is the text and audio of Prime Minister John Howard’s Ministerial Statement on Iraq.

The statement related to Australia’s Defence Force commitment in southern Iraq.

  • Listen to Howard (17m)

Hansard transcript of Prime Minister John Howard’s Ministerial Statement on Iraq.

Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) (3:11 PM) —by leave—Earlier this week Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, announced the transfer of responsibility for security in Al Muthanna province from coalition forces to the Iraqi government (a process referred to as provincial Iraqi control). [Read more…]

Democrats Attack Howard Amendments To Electoral Laws

In this speech, Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Murray lashed the Howard government over its changes to the electoral system.

Second Reading : Electoral & Referendum Amendment (Electoral Integrity & Other Measures) Bill 2006

Senator MURRAY (Western Australia) (9.21 a.m.) – In making my remarks on the Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Electoral Integrity and Other Measures) Bill 2006, I would like to be on the record as stating that this bill represents yet another appalling outcome of coalition control of the Senate. It is a bill that in many respects blatantly seeks to advantage the coalition. From the words electoral integrity in the title of this bill, one would assume its provisions are motivated by an intention to improve our representative democracy, to improve the democratic and electoral rights of Australians. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley Speech To NSW ALP Conference

This is the partial audio of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s speech to the NSW ALP State Conference. [Read more…]

Paul Keating Launches ‘The Longest Decade’

This is the speech delivered by the former prime minister, Paul Keating, at the launch of The Longest Decade, a book about the economic conditions of the past decade and a half, by George Megalogenis.

The launch took place at L’Aqua, Cockle Bar, in Sydney.

Transcript of speech by Paul Keating.

History, of course, is difficult to write, if for no other reason, than that it has so many players and so many authors.

It is hard enough to get any history right, even if one was a principal player; it is even harder to get it right when one is an observer. [Read more…]