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Archives for June 2007

Leaked Mark Textor Documents Show Coalition’s Devastating Electoral Position

These are the leaked Mark Textor documents containing a devastating analysis of the coalition’s electoral position. [Read more…]

Howard And Brough Announce Northern Territory Intervention

The Federal Government has announced an intervention in the Northern Territory to deal with what it says is a “national emergency” in relation to the abuse of children in indigenous communities.

The intervention was announced at a joint press conference with Prime Minister John Howard and Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough.

The intervention includes a series of measures to link school attendance with welfare payments and to improve law and order. [Read more…]

Tony Blair: “The Media Is A Feral Beast, Tearing People To Pieces”

On the eve of his resignation as prime minister, Tony Blair made a stinging attack on the media.

Text of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s speech.

The media is a feral beast, tearing people to pieces

Tony BlairThe purpose of the series of speeches I have given over the past year has been deliberately reflective: to get beyond the immediate headlines on issues of the day and contemplate in a broader perspective, the effect of a changing world on the issues of the future. This speech on the challenge of the changing nature of communication on politics and the media is from the same perspective.

I need to say some preliminaries at the outset. This is not my response to the latest whacking from bits of the media. It is not a whinge about how unfair it all is. As I always say, it’s an immense privilege to do this job and if the worst that happens is harsh media coverage, it’s a small price to pay. And anyway, like it or not, I have won three elections and am still standing as I leave office. This speech is not a complaint. It is an argument. [Read more…]

Howard Announces Carbon Trading Scheme By 2012

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced a carbon trading scheme to be introduced by 2012.

In a speech to the Liberal Party Federal Council meeting in Sydney, Howard again expressed caution about the economic effects of tackling climate change and derided the Opposition’s approach to the issue.

  • Listen to John Howard (28m)