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Archives for August 2007

Rudd And Gillard Announce Industrial Relations Policy

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd and Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Julia Gillard have held a press conference.

Rudd said that the Howard government’s WorkChoices had gone too far and would be replaced with an industrial relations system that embraced four elements.

The first element would be fairness, including the abolition of Australian Workplace Agreements. The second elements would be flexibility, whilst the third would be to provided sensible transition arrangements to the new system. The fourth element would be proper protections for business against unlawful industrial action. [Read more…]

Chief Of Defence Peter Leahy Comments On Defence Equipment

The Chief of the Defence Force, Peter Leahy, has commented on claims about the quality of Defence equipment.

  • Listen to Leahy (21m)

Bless You, Too, Annabel, But You Got The Address Wrong!

Annabel Crabb, Bless HerAnnabel Crabb from the Sydney Morning Herald has paid a compliment in an article in today’s paper titled Loose lips an occupational hazard for ambitious MPs.

In the context of Peter Costello’s dinner conversations with journalists, Crabb unashamedly recycles the 1987 story of the Jeff Kennett-Andrew Peacock car-phone conversation, referring to the transcript and audio of the conversation on this site.

She says: “The excellent website, bless it, has a full transcript of that memorable conversation, if you’re over 18.”

Unfortunately, the address given in the article omits an underscore which would have produced a “page not found” message. The page has been duly replicated to ensure an unbroken internet experience.

Costello And Howard Comment On Leadership Claims By Michael Brissenden

This is the audio of comments by Treasurer Peter Costello on claims by the ABC’s Michael Brissenden on the Liberal Party leadership.

Brissenden and two other journalists claimed Costello told them that he wanted to destroy Howard’s leadership.

Costello denied the claims.

In a separate interview, Prime Minister John Howard said that he had a “wonderful, harmonious, professional relationship” with Costello.
[Read more…]

Rudd And Swan Respond To Interest Rate Increase

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd and Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan have responded to the Reserve Bank’s decision to increase the cash rate 0.25% to 6.50%.

Howard And Costello Respond To Interest Rate Increase

The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised the cash rate 0.25% to 6.50%.

Prime Minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello have held a joint press conference in response to the decision. [Read more…]

Rudd Says Climate Change Is The Great Moral Challenge Of Our Generation

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says that climate change is the great moral challenge of our generation.

Speaking at the National Climate Change Summit, Rudd said the dimensions of the climate change challenge were so great that “climate change should be beyond politics”.

In a separate statement, the ALP’s Environment spokesman, Peter Garrett, says “we must act now”. Garrett said Labor would introduce a carbon trading scheme, ratify the Kyoto treaty and develop renewable energy.

  • Watch an extract of Rudd’s speech (1m)
  • Watch Garrett (2m)