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Brendan Nelson Elected Liberal Party Leader In Close Vote

Brendan Nelson has been elected leader of the Liberal Party, defeating Malcolm Turnbull by 45 votes to 42.

Brendan Nelson, Leader of the OppositionJulie Bishop, the outgoing Education Minister, has been elected deputy leader. Sky News reports that she garnered 44 votes, Andrew Robb 25 and Christopher Pyne 18.

Bishop holds the seat of Curtin in Western Australia, the only state to withstand the swing to the ALP in Saturday’s election.

The election of Nelson and Bishop marks the first time in decades that the Liberal Party’s leaders do not include a Victorian.

  • Listen to Peter Costello Announce the Leaders (1m)

Nelson Appoints Turnbull Shadow Treasurer, Supports Kyoto Ratification

Nov 29 – 3.10pm – The newly-elected Leader of the Opposition, Brendan Nelson, has appointed Malcolm Turnbull Shadow Treasurer. Nelson also offered support for the ratification of the Kyoto treaty.

Giving his first press conference since defeating Turnbull 45-42 earlier today, Nelson spoke of his Labor-oriented family background and the role education played in his life.

He said he wanted to discuss the future of federal intervention in Northern Territory aboriginal communities with the incoming prime minister, Kevin Rudd. Nelson’s deputy, Julie Bishop, will be the shadow minister for Industrial Relations.

Within hours of Nelson’s elevation to the Liberal leadership, the ALP had NelsonFacts online.

  • Listen to the Press Conference held by Brendan Nelson and Julie Bishop (21m)
  • Listen to Malcolm Turnbull’s reaction to the Liberal leadership election (39s)
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