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Archives for May 2008

FuelWatch: Wayne Swan And Chris Bowen Respond To Petrol Leak

This is the audio of the joint press conference held by Treasurer Wayne Swan and Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen.

The two ministers dealt with a leak concerning official advice criticising the just-introduced FuelWatch program.

They were questioned about whether FuelWatch is just a stunt by the government to show that it cares about something it can do little about. [Read more…]

Malcolm Turnbull Addresses National Press Club On The Budget

The Shadow Treasurer, Malcolm Turnbull, has addressed the National Press Club on the Rudd government’s first Budget.

  • Listen to Turnbull (56m)

Nelson Promises Reduction In Petrol Excise In Budget Reply Speech

The Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Brendan Nelson, has proposed a 5 cents reduction in petrol excise.

Delivering his response to the Federal Budget, Nelson also committed the Opposition to oppose the increase tax on alco-pops in the Senate. [Read more…]

Wayne Swan’s 2008 Post-Budget Address to the National Press Club

The Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has addressed the National Press Club, in Canberra, on the 2008-09 Federal Budget.

The post-budget address to the Press Club is a political tradition. The Opposition Leader, Brendan Nelson, will address the club on Thursday.

  • Listen to Wayne Swan’s address ()

Text of Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Post-Budget Address to the National Press Club.

I want to do something a little unusual at the outset and also thank the good people of the Commonwealth Treasury. What an extraordinary team of talented, committed, hard working people. It’s been a real honour to work with them on this Budget.

As you know, about 16 or 17 hours have passed since we handed it down – the first of a new Government, and a new era. It’s the inflation?fighting, future?investing Budget the nation needs.

By now, you’re familiar with the initiatives, with the decisions we took, the important forecasts, and the like. I don’t want to repeat all that today. [Read more…]

2008-09 Federal Budget: Full Text Of Treasurer’s Speech

This is the full text of Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Budget Speech to the House of Representatives. Click the play button to listen to the speech:

Text of Treasurer Wayne Swan’s first Budget speech to the House of Representatives.

Mr Speaker, I move that the Bill now be read a second time.


This Budget is designed to meet the big challenges of the future.

It is a Budget that strengthens Australia’s economic foundations, and delivers for working families under pressure.

It is the responsible Budget our nation needs at this time of international turbulence, and high inflation at home.

A Budget carefully designed to fight inflation, and ensure we meet the uncertainties of the future from a position of strength. [Read more…]