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Archives for July 2008

Wong Releases Climate Change Green Paper

The Federal Government today released its green paper on climate change.

Addressing the National Press Club, the Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, said the Green Paper “sets out options and identifies the Government’s disposition and preferred positions on emissions trading and the support proposed to help households and businesses adjust to this economic transformation.”

  • Listen to Senator Wong’s Address (59m)

This is the text of a statement from the Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Wong.

“At the heart of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is emissions trading, in which the Government sets a limit on how much carbon pollution industry can produce, and then the Government sells permits up to that limit, creating an incentive to look for cleaner energy options. [Read more…]

Penny Wong Addresses National Press Club On Climate Change Green Paper

This is the audio of Climate Change Minister Senator Penny Wong’s Address to the National Press Club.

Rudd Says Religion And Reason Co-Exist

Religion and reason co-exist, according to Kevin Rudd.

Addressing the opening ceremonies for World Youth Day, in Sydney, the Prime Minister, welcomed Catholics from around the world.

  • Listen to Rudd’s speech (6m)

Transcript of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s speech to the World Youth Day Pre-Mass Gathering, Barangaroo, Sydney.

RUDD: I begin by honouring the first Australians on whose land we meet and whose great cultures we celebrate as among the oldest in human history.

Australia welcomes the youth of the world to Sydney. Australia welcomes the youth of the world to this celebration of faith and this celebration of life. [Read more…]

Tasmanian Greens MP Peg Putt’s Resignation Speech

This is the resignation speech of Tasmanian State MP Peg Putt.

PuttPutt, a longtime Greens activist, was elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly in 1993, replacing Bob Brown in the electorate of Denison.

In 1998, Putt was the only Greens member to be elected to the House of Assembly, following its reduction from 35 to 25 members.

Joined by three other Greens following the 2002 election, Putt became leader of the party.

Following her retirement, she was succeeded as leader by Nick McKim. [Read more…]

Ross Garnaut Addresses National Press Club On Climate Change

This is the audio of Ross Garnaut’s address to the National Press Club, following the release of his Draft Report on Climate Change.

The Draft Report followed an earlier Interim Report (Feb 2008) and the Emissions Trading Scheme Discussion Paper (Mar 2008). The final report is expected later in the year.

The Draft Report describes the methodology that the Review is applying to the:

  • evaluation of the costs and benefits of climate change mitigation
  • application of the science of climate change to Australia
  • international context of Australian mitigation, and
  • Australian mitigation policy.

The report is shown below and can be downloaded (PDF). [Read more…]

COAG Chief Ministers’ Press Conference

The annual Council of Australian Government’s meeting has taken place in Canberra.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd met with State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers, all Labor Party representatives.

The press conference following the meeting includes comments by Kevin Rudd and Premiers Morris Iemma (NSW), John Brumby (Vic) and Mike Rann (SA), as well as Chief Minister Jon Stanhope (ACT). [Read more…]