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ACT Government Teeters; ALP Massacred In NSW By-Elections

The ACT Labor government of Jon Stanhope has lost its majority in today’s elections.

The ALP seems likely to be reduced from 10 to 7 seats in the Legislative Assembly. The Liberal Party appears to have also won 7 seats, whilst the Greens have picked up 2 seats to take their total to 3.

Negotiations between the major parties and the Greens will now determine the outcome of the election.

The ALP polled 37.6% of the primary vote, a 9.3% swing. The Liberal Party primary vote declined by 3.7% to 31.1%. The Greens vote increased by 6.6% to 15.9%.

The ALP has also suffered massive swings in NSW state by-elections. In Ryde, previously held by former Deputy Premier John Watkins, there has been a swing of over 20% against the ALP and the seat has been won by the Liberal Party with 53% of the primary vote.

The ALP appears set to retain two of its safest seats, Cabramatta and Lakemba, although there has been a swing of around 22% in Cabramatta and a double digit swing in Lakemba.

In Port Macquarie, an independent candidate seems set to win against a determined effort by the Nationals to regain the seat once held by the current independent member for the Federal electorate of Lyne, Rob Oakeshott.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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