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Australia Becoming Greener: Brown

Following their strong showing in the weekend’s ACT election, the Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown, says the electorate is turning greener.

Senator Brown issued this statement:

The Australian Greens say the triumphant ACT election result adds to a growing list of electoral watersheds, as Australians turn to the Greens in ever-greater numbers.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said the Greens had won three seats in the Legislative Assembly, and could win a fourth, and would now enter negotiations with both the Labor and Liberal Parties to establish which of them would form a stable minority government.

“Australia is turning Greener – it’s now seen as sensible, optimistic and mainstream -which increasing numbers of Australians prefer.”

“In every State, the Green vote is on the rise as voters realise that in times of economic uncertainty, Australia has to change fundamentally to make the future fairer and greener, in an age of global problems challenging domestic policy, not least climate change.”

“The Greens are polling 13 per cent nationally in the latest Newspoll – the highest level in history.”

“We have had excellent results in the WA State election (four upper house seats), in the recent Mayo by-election in South Australia, in the Northern Territory, in NSW local government elections, and in Queensland, where we have just welcomed our first MP, Ronan Lee, to Parliament after he joined from Labor. The Greens’ Adam Bandt is running a strong campaign to be Lord Mayor of Melbourne. The four Greens in Tasmania are proving the most stable and sensible group in Parliament.”

“There are now 25 Greens MPs in Parliaments around Australia, and more than 100 local councillors.”

“In the Senate, the Rudd Labor Government is finding that the Greens are backed up by a sensible policy platform and that negotiation on legislation is challenging but achievable.”

“Around the country, Australians realise that through the Greens, they have a new, optimistic and far-sighted party that is capable of reflecting the will of the community and shaping the future.”

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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