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Archives for March 2010

Tony Abbott: ‘We All Have To Live With Shit’

Microphones have captured Opposition Leader Tony Abbott reflecting on the reality of public life. [Read more…]

Rudd And Abbott Debate Health Reform At National Press Club

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott have debated health care reform at the National Press Club.

The debate came after Rudd announced that the federal government would assume the dominant role in state hospital funding. [Read more…]

The Weekend Elections: Discussion With Mark Parton

Following the weekend elections in Tasmania and South Australia, I spoke to Mark Parton on radio 2CC in Canberra.

The South Australian Labor government won its third election victory with Premier Mike Rann.

The Tasmanian Labor government lost its majority and was forced into an alliance with the Greens. [Read more…]

South Australian Election: Despite Swing, Mike Rann Claims Third Term For Labor

The South Australian Premier, Mike Rann, has claimed victory for the ALP in the South Australian election.

It is Rann’s third consecutive win, since taking office in 2002.

Despite an anti-Labor swing of 8.4%, which saw the ALP poll just 48.4% of the two-party-preferred vote, the government lost only 2 seats and held 26 of the 47 seats in the House of Assembly.

The Liberal Party won 18 seats (up 4). There were 3 independents.

  • Listen to Premier Mike Rann on election night (10m)

Hung Parliament In Tasmanian Poll: Bartlett And Hodgman Election Night Speeches

The 2010 Tasmanian State Election produced a hung parliament and led to the formation of a Labor government in alliance with the Greens.

The Labor government had been in office for 12 years. It secured 36.88% of the primary vote (a loss of 12.39%) and 10 seats (a loss of 4) in the 25-member House of Assembly.

The Liberal Party vote increased by 7.17% to 38.99%. The party won 10 seats, a gain of 3.

The Greens polled 21.61% (up 4.97%) and won 5 seats (up 1). [Read more…]

Tony Abbott Comments On Kevin Rudd’s Health Plans

This is Opposition Leader Tony Abbott commenting on the Rudd government’s proposed reforms to the health system.

Rudd has announced that the government will take over the dominant role in funding state hospitals. [Read more…]

Tony Abbott On Homosexuality

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, has said he is “a bit threatened” by homosexuality.

The Liberal leader spoke in an interview on Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes.

The following day, Abbott was asked about his remarks on the ABC’s Lateline. [Read more…]

Hospital Reform: Kevin Rudd Address The National Press Club

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has addressed the National Press Club on his hospital reforms.

Rudd said the federal government “will take on the dominant funding role for the entire public hospital system”. The government will build a National Health and Hospital Network in which the eight state-run systems will become part of one national network.

Rudd said: “Today we are delivering on the most significant reform of Australia’s health and hospital system since the introduction of Medicare almost three decades ago. The Government will deliver better hospitals by establishing a national network, that is funded nationally, and run locally.” [Read more…]

Rudd And Gillard Promote National Education Curriculum

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his deputy, Julia Gillard, have promoted the proposed national curriculum for schools during a visit to a Canberra school.

Speaking at Amaroo School, Rudd said the national curriculum was “a key pre-election commitment”. Australia would have a national curriculum for the first time in 2011. “This is in English, it’s in maths, it’s in science, it’s in history, and what we’re on about is making sure the absolute basics of knowledge, the absolute basics of education, are taught right across the country.”

As Education minister, Gillard said: “Curriculum has often been a mystery, a mystery for parents, for employers, they didn’t know what was being taught in Australian classrooms. We’re taking a very different approach. It’s there on the web for all to see and for all to comment upon.” [Read more…]