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Hung Parliament In Tasmanian Poll: Bartlett And Hodgman Election Night Speeches

The 2010 Tasmanian State Election produced a hung parliament and led to the formation of a Labor government in alliance with the Greens.

The Labor government had been in office for 12 years. It secured 36.88% of the primary vote (a loss of 12.39%) and 10 seats (a loss of 4) in the 25-member House of Assembly.

The Liberal Party vote increased by 7.17% to 38.99%. The party won 10 seats, a gain of 3.

The Greens polled 21.61% (up 4.97%) and won 5 seats (up 1).

These are the election night speeches from ALP Premier David Bartlett and Liberal Opposition Leader Will Hodgman. At the time, the result was not entirely clear.

  • Listen to David Bartlett (11m)
  • Listen to Will Hodgman (4m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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