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Gillard Elected ALP Leader Unopposed; Rudd Does Not Run; Swan New Deputy

Julia Gillard has been elected unopposed as leader of the ALP and will become Australia’s first female Prime Minister in a few hours.

Gillard was chosen at an ALP Caucus meeting in Canberra this morning. After accepting Gillard’s call for a leadership ballot last night, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd chose not to nominate when Caucus met. Reports suggest he would have been crushed in a contested ballot.

The member for Lalor will become Australia’s 27th prime minister. She will be the 12th person to serve as a Labor prime minister since 1901. She has been a member of parliament since 1998.

Treasurer Wayne Swan was elected deputy leader unopposed and will become Deputy Prime Minister in Gillard’s place.

  • Listen to the Caucus Returning Officer, Senator Michael Forshaw, announce Gillard’s election (3m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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