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Archives for August 2010

As Post-Election Negotiations Continue, Julia Gillard Addresses The National Press Club

This is Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Address to the National Press Club.

The Address came ten days after the inconclusive federal election. Negotiations with the crossbenchers continued. [Read more…]

Bob Katter Attacks the Media

Independent MP Bob Katter attacked the media today in a media doorstop at Canberra airport.

Mr. Katter is one of the independents who will decide the fate of the Gillard government after last Saturday’s inconclusive election.

Politics Abhors A Vacuum

So they did it. The Australian electorate slapped down the Gillard Labor Government but refused to embrace Tony Abbott and the Coalition to the extent necessary to propel them into office.

Gillard-AbbottOn current counting, a two-party preference for Labor of 50.68 per cent prevails. A bare majority of 135,792 voters opted for Labor over the Coalition.

Spin it as they are doing furiously this morning, the Liberals have failed to capture the majority they sought. They point to their 43.48 per cent share of the primary vote, compared to Labor’s 38.51 per cent.

But the Liberals don’t point out that most of the swing went to the Greens. The Liberal vote is up a mere 0.64 per cent. In Queensland, the LNP vote is up a piddling 0.43 per cent. The Greens are up 3.64 per cent.

Australia voted yesterday the way Tasmania did six months ago. Just on 50 per cent of the nation cast their number one preference for Labor or the Greens. The centre left domination of Australian politics has been confirmed again. [Read more…]

Hung Parliament: Julia Gillard’s Election Night Speech

The federal election has produced a hung parliament and Prime Minister Julia Gillard has addressed Labor supporters in Melbourne.

Julia Gillard

Gillard acknowledged that she would not have a majority in the House of Representatives and immediately began a pitch for support from the independent and Greens members. [Read more…]

Tony Abbott’s Election Night Speech: 2010 Federal Election

This is Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s 2010 election night speech.

At the time of this speech, it was reasonably clear that there would be a hung Parliament. [Read more…]

ALP How-To-Vote Cards – 2010 Federal Election

This is the complete set of ALP how-to-vote cards for the 2010 federal election.

Note: The PDF below can be expanded for easier reading. [Read more…]

A Glorious Day Dawns Tomorrow

Spare a thought for the losers in tomorrow’s elections.

We already know who most of them are. 849 people have nominated for 150 seats in the House of Representatives. Another 349 have nominated for 40 Senate seats. Of these 1,198 candidates, 1,008 will lose.

We know that around 400 of them will also lose their nomination deposits because they will poll less than 4% of the primary vote.

In the House of Representatives, only about 30 seats are likely to change hands. Most of the sitting members know they will be returned. In the Senate, proportional voting and the Group Ticket system means that we already know at least 25 of the 40 winners. [Read more…]

Day 33: The Dying Moments

The rhythms and rituals of the election campaign have played out as they always do.

In this final week, the cacophony of advertising has reached its peak and is now banned from the airwaves.

The party leaders continue to rush from one media appearance to another. Television and radio programs stage last-minute interviews and debates. Extended on-location visits to towns, suburbs and shopping centres allow for the appearance of taking the election to the people. These programs feature “final appeals” from the parties.

The set-piece speeches at the National Press Club are given due deference by those who take their politics seriously. The leaders need an opportunity to restate their cases and make one last attempt to promote their vision.

Opinion polls dominate the final week as never before. This time around, we even have “mega polls” of marginal seats. The statistical experts dissect the figures to tell us what we’re going to do this weekend. [Read more…]

Day 32: Look, They’re Voting

Julia Gillard launched her election campaign on Monday but people have been voting for the past two weeks. By the time Saturday dawns, up to two million voters will already have cast their votes.

As the party leaders and the media embrace each other in an orgy of events, pretend debates and a welter of press conferences, out in the 150 House of Representatives seats an election is taking place.

In the 2007 elections, 1,062,339 people cast their votes before election day. They turned up to an Australian Electoral Commission office, most likely took a how-to-vote card from party campaign workers, and voted. Another 706,466 people submitted a postal vote. In all, 13.68% of the electorate voted before the official polling day. [Read more…]

Day 31: Sound And Fury

One of the most revealing pictures of the election campaign appeared on the front page of The Age last Thursday. It showed two women knitting whilst ignoring Julia Gillard who appeared behind them on a large television screen at the Rooty Hill RSL.

Yesterday, Gillard “launched” her campaign and the parties squabbled over holding another leaders’ debate. The Prime Minister was interviewed on the 7.30 Report and Tony Abbott appeared on QandA.

The rest of this final week of the campaign will see Gillard, Abbott and Greens leader Bob Brown make appearances at the National Press Club. A leaders’ forum in Brisbane seems likely. Abbott will be interrogated again on The 7.30 Report. Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey will debate each other on a breakfast TV program.

So much activity, but is anyone taking any notice? Is the electorate in fact engaged in a mass equivalent of those two women knitting? [Read more…]