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Hung Parliament: Julia Gillard’s Election Night Speech

The federal election has produced a hung parliament and Prime Minister Julia Gillard has addressed Labor supporters in Melbourne.

Julia Gillard

Gillard acknowledged that she would not have a majority in the House of Representatives and immediately began a pitch for support from the independent and Greens members.

As counting progresses, it appears that the ALP at best can win 74 seats, with 72 or 73 seeming most likely. Majority government requires a minimum of 76 seats.

There will be at least 4 cross-bench members. Independents Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Bob Katter have all won comfortable re-elections, whilst Greens candidate Adam Bandt has won Melbourne from the ALP. In the Tasmanian seat of Denison, Andrew Wilkie is given a chance of victory. In Western Australia, Nationals candidate Tony Crook has defeated longstanding Liberal member Wilson Tuckey.

  • Listen to Gillard’s speech (10m)
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Julia Gillard & Tim Mathieson


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