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Katter Supports Coalition; Windsor-Oakeshott Decision Due Shortly

Bob Katter walked out of talks with his fellow independents at 1.30pm and called a press conference in his office to announce that he will support a coalition government led by Tony Abbott.

Bob Katter

Katter’s sudden announcement caught media outlets off-guard. Television stations broadcast his announcement with audio only.

  • Listen to Bob Katter’s press conference (34m)

The member for Kennedy said that the ALP had not committed to the “20 points” document he prepared for negotiations.

Katter’s decision means that the Gillard government needs the support of both Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott to form a minority government.

The ALP has 72 members in the House of Representatives. Julia Gillard has signed agreements with Andrew Wilkie and the Greens (Adam Bandt holds the seat of Melbourne), giving Labor 74 votes.

Bob Katter

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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