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Election Funding Payments: 2010 Federal Election

This table shows the election funding payments made to political parties and candidates following the 2010 federal election.

A candidate or Senate group needs four per cent of the primary vote to be eligible for election funding. The amount is calculated by multiplying the number of votes obtained by the current funding rate.

The funding rate for the 2010 election was 231.191 cents per House of Representatives and Senate vote. The rate is indexed every six months to increases in the Consumer Price Index.

Just over $53 million was distributed to parties and candidates.

Election Funding Payments – 2010 Federal Election
Australian Labor Party 21,222,869.96
Liberal Party of Australia (includes LNP Queensland) 21,097,860.24
Australian Greens 7,212,923.38
National Party of Australia 2,485,700.16
Family First 407,268.37
Country Liberals (NT) 179,411.15
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) 17,609.82
Australian Sex Party 11,397.72
Liberal Democratic Party 11,316.80
Shooters and Fishers Party 10,727.26
Tony Windsor (New England, NSW) 130,426.40
Robert Oakeshott (Lyne, NSW) 92,617.43
Bob Katter (Kennedy, Qld) 88,245.60
Andrew Wilkie (Denison, Tas) 31,876.62
Louise Burge (Farrer, NSW) 21,616.36
John Clements (Parkes, NSW) 21,144.73
John Arkan (Cowper, NSW) 19,526.39
Michael Johnson (Ryan, Qld) 17,484.98
Matthew Hogg (Riverina, NSW) 11,901.71
Alan Lappin (Indi, Vic) 11,432.39
James Purcell (Wannon, Vic) 10,755.01
Charles Nason (Maranoa, Qld) 10,627.85
Paul Blanch (Calare, NSW) 9,564.37
Katrina Rainsford (Wannon, Vic) 9,400.23
Bradley King (Blair, Qld) 7,553.01
Deidre Finter (Lingiari, NT) 4,711.67
Kenneth Lechleitner (Lingiari, NT) 4,415.75
TOTAL 53,163,385.36


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