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Archives for October 2010

Karen Andrews (LNP-McPherson) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech of Karen Andrews, the Liberal National Party member for McPherson, in the House of Representatives.

Andrews was elected to the Queensland seat at the 2010 federal election. Created in 1949, McPherson has only ever been held by the coalition parties. Andrews succeeded Margaret May, who had held the seat since 1998.

Andrews won the seat with 53.90% of the primary vote and 60.28% of the two-party-preferred vote.

Andrews, 40, worked as an industrial relations and human resources consultant between 1996 and 2010. [Read more…]

Josh Frydenberg (Lib-Kooyong) – Maiden Speech

This Josh Frydenberg’s maiden speech to the House of Representatives as the Liberal member for Kooyong.

Frydenberg won the seat at the 2010 federal election, replacing Petro Georgiou, who had held the seat since 1994. He had unsuccessfully challenged Georgiou for preselection for the 2007 election.

Kooyong is a safe Liberal seat in the inner south-east suburbs of Melbourne. It has never been held by the ALP since its creation in 1901.

Frydenberg, 39, worked as an adviser to Howard government ministers Daryl Williams and Alexander Downer between 1999 and 2003. Between 2003 and 2005, he worked for Prime Minister Howard, before taking up a position as Director of Global Banking with Deutsche Bank. [Read more…]

Is It Time For The Liberals To Dispose Of Abbott?

Tony Abbott is the 32nd man to have served as federal opposition leader. Only 16 of his predecessors ever made it to the prime ministership.

AbbottSome of those opposition leaders got two chances to fight an election. Only Evatt and Calwell were given three but neither succeeded.

Of 15 opposition leaders over the past 35 years, only Fraser, Hawke and Rudd won office on their first electoral outing. Kim Beazley was given two consecutive opportunities but failed at both. Hayden, Peacock, Howard, Hewson and Latham all fought one losing election and then lost the leadership before the next.

Peacock and Howard both won back the Liberal Party leadership but only the very persistent Howard (like Menzies before him) avenged his earlier defeat.

Recent omens are even worse for opposition leaders. In the past decade, three party leaders (Crean, Nelson and Turnbull) were knocked off before they fought even one election. Kim Beazley, returned for a second stint as leader, was also deposed before facing the electorate. [Read more…]

Natasha Griggs (CLP-Solomon) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech of Natasha Griggs, the Country Liberal Party member for Solomon.

Griggs won the Northern Territory seat after defeating the sitting ALP member, Damian Hale, with a swing of 1.94%. She secured 51.75% of the two-party-preferred vote.

Griggs, 41, has had a variety of jobs in the information technology field. Prior to entering Parliament, she was a Project Manager with the Northern Territory government. [Read more…]

Andrew Leigh (ALP-Fraser) – Maiden Speech

This is Andrew Leigh’s maiden speech to the House of Representatives as the ALP member for Fraser.

Leigh won the safe seat in the Australian Capital Territory, succeeding Bob McMullen, who had held it since 1998. Leigh secured 64.20% of the two-party-preferred vote.

Leigh, 38, is a former Professor of Economics at the Australian National University. [Read more…]

The Real Julia: Is That It?

The Real Julia was much talked about during the recent election campaign. It was a conversation initiated by Gillard herself. She offered the view that if only she could be left to be herself we would have a political leader of whom we could be proud.

The Real JuliaOf course, The Real Julia campaign collapsed under the weight of its own contradictions.

At the same time, many commented on the discipline shown by Tony Abbott. The Real Tony had been mugged by the campaign managers, it was alleged.

I have a more prosaic view. I believe we did see The Real Julia and The Real Tony throughout the election.

An election campaign is a period of immense concentrated activity, much of it artificial and simply silly. Nevertheless, it’s one of those times when the real nature of a political leader is hard to disguise. It tends to seep through the countless television and radio interviews. It’s seen in their reaction to pressure and in their contact with voters, no matter how stage-managed. [Read more…]