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Baillieu Launches Liberal Party’s Victorian Election Campaign

The Victorian Liberal leader, Ted Baillieu, has delivered his policy speech for the November 27 state election.

Ted Baillieu speaks at his 2010 election campaign launch
Ted Baillieu Delivers His Policy Speech (Sky)

Baillieu devoted much of his speech to community safety, claiming that Victorians have been asked to “tolerate and accept” escalating levels of violence. He promised 1700 additional police and a program to crush hoon cars, outlaw bike gangs, and an end to suspended sentences and home detention.

Baillieu repeatedly referred to the “rancid culture” in Victoria. He said the Labor government engaged in political thuggery, threats and abuse. He attacked Brumby over government advertising and secrecy, and promised to establish an independent corruption commission.

A Public Transport Development Authority to coordinate all aspects of an integrated transport system would be established under a coalition government. Baillieu promised $1.4 billion for 40 new trains. He undertook to spend $38 million on new train stations at Southland and Grovedale. The rail network would have the size of its fleet expanded by 20%.

The bulk of Baillieu’s speech was light on detail. He claimed that his campaign promises were fully costed and budgeted.

The President of the Victorian branch of the Liberal Party, David Kemp, introduced proceedings at the launch. The Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, also spoke. The Leader of The Nationals, Peter Ryan, introduced Baillieu.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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