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Brumby Maintains Tied Result Most Likely; Opposition Says It’s Ready To Govern


Following counting of pre-poll votes in Bentleigh late this afternoon, the Liberal Party’s candidate, Elizabeth Miller, leads the ALP’s Rob Hudson by 423 votes.

Most observers now agree that the coalition has won 45 seats in the Legislative Assembly and is able to form a government with a one-seat majority.

It is unlikely that Brumby will concede defeat until late tomorrow after counting of pre-poll votes in other seats.


The Victorian Premier, John Brumby, maintains that the most likely outcome of the election is a tied result, 44 seats each for the ALP and coalition.

Speaking at a press conference in Melbourne, Brumby said the next most likely result is a coalition victory.

Brumby said that it was the “height of disrespect” to voters to call a final result when around 550,000 pre-poll and postal votes are yet to be counted.

Counting in Bentleigh will resume at 4pm today. A clearer picture of the outcome may emerge several hours later.

  • Listen to John Brumby’s press conference (18m)


The Victorian Nationals Leader, Peter Ryan, has held a media conference in Melbourne this afternoon. He said the Opposition was ready to assume government.

Ryan attacked the Brumby government for not listening to ordinary Victorians and not heeding the message delivered yesterday by the voters. He said the Opposition was determined to ensure that the caretaker conventions were adhered to and maintained that the government’s authority was destroyed by the voters.

Ryan likened the government to a child leaving home and advised it to pack up and shut the door on its way out.

  • Listen to Peter Ryan’s media conference (16m)
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