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Brumby Concedes Defeat; Baillieu Premier of New Coalition Government in Victoria

5.45pm – The Victorian Premier, John Brumby, conceded defeat in the state election this afternoon, bringing to an end 11 years of Labor government.

John Brumby concedes defeat in the 2010 Victorian election

John Brumby concedes defeat

Further counting in Bentleigh today saw the Liberal candidate’s lead stretch to 460 votes. Labor’s lead in Ballarat East narrowed to 166 votes. Counting of pre-poll votes in other seats produced no significant change, ensuring Ted Baillieu of 45 seats in the Legislative Assembly. Labor will have 43.

Brumby delivered a 23 minute speech to journalists and members of his Cabinet. He said he had telephoned the Liberal leader to congratulate him. Baillieu was due to see the Governor at 6.30pm.

Brumby devoted most of his speech to itemising achievements of his government and the Bracks ministry before it. He said asking the electorate for a fourth term and 15 years in office was too much to expect.

  • Listen to John Brumby’s press conference. He is introduced by Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls (24m)

Earlier in the day, Ted Baillieu spoke to the media, following a party-room meeting.

  • Listen to Baillieu (7m)

John Brumby was the 45th Premier of Victoria and also the 45th Treasurer.

He led the ALP to defeat against Jeff Kennett in 1996 and was replaced by Steve Bracks before the 1999 election. He served as Treasurer under Bracks until succeeding him as Premier in 2007.

Ted Baillieu will become only the second Liberal Premier in Australia, joining Colin Barnett from Western Australia.


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