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The Baillieu Ministry – Victoria – 2010

The Liberal-Nationals coalition won the Victorian election on November 27, 2010, defeating the ALP by 45 seats to 43 in the Legislative Assembly.

Led by Ted Baillieu, the ministry was sworn in on December 2, 2010.

First Baillieu Ministry – from December 2, 2010
1. Ted Baillieu MP Premier
Minister for the Arts
2. Peter Ryan MP Deputy Premier
Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Minister for Bushfire Response
Minister for Regional and Rural Development
3. Louise Asher MP Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business
Minister for Tourism and Major Events
4. Robert Clark MP Attorney-General
Minister for Finance
5. Richard Dalla-Riva MLC Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations
Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade
6. David Davis MLC Minister for Health
Minister for Ageing
7. Hugh Delahunty MP Minister for Sport and Recreation
Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
8. Martin Dixon MP Minister for Education
9. Matthew Guy MLC Minister for Planning
10. Peter Hall MLC Minister for Higher Education and Skills
Minister responsible for the Teaching Profession
11. Nicholas Kotsiras MP Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship
12. Wendy Lovell MLC Minister for Housing
Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development
13. Andrew McIntosh MP Minister for Corrections
Minister for Crime Prevention
Minister responsible for the establishment of an anti-corruption commission
14. Terry Mulder MP Minister for Public Transport
Minister for Roads
15. Dr Denis Napthine MP Minister for Ports
Minister for Regional Cities
Minister for Racing
Minister for Major Projects
16. Michael O’Brien MP Minister for Gaming
Minister for Consumer Affairs
Minister for Energy and Resources
17. Jeanette Powell MP Minister for Local Government
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
18. Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC Assistant Treasurer
Minister for Technology
Minister responsible for the Aviation Industry
19. Ryan Smith MP Minister for Environment and Climate Change
Minister for Youth Affairs
20. Peter Walsh MP Minister for Agriculture and Food Security
Minister for Water
21. Kim Wells MP Treasurer
22. Mary Wooldridge MP Minister for Mental Health
Minister for Women’s Affairs
Minister for Community Services
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