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The Queen’s Christmas Message 2010

Queen Elizabeth II has delivered her annual Christmas message to the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II Delivers Her 2010 Christmas Message
Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s broadcast focussed on the importance of sport in building communities and creating harmony.

The Queen said: “In the parks of towns and cities, and on village greens up and down the country, countless thousands of people every week give up their time to participate in sport and exercise of all sorts, or simply encourage others to do so.

These kinds of activity are common throughout the world and play a part in providing a different perspective on life.”

This year’s message was recorded at Hampton Court Palace. Normally, the messages are recorded at Buckingham Palace.

  • Listen to the Queen’s broadcast (7m)
  • Watch the Queen (8m)
King James Bible
The King James Bible referred to by the Queen in her Christmas message
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