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Brisbane Flood Will Now Exceed 1974 Levels: Bligh

4.30pm AEDT – Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says the flood levels in Brisbane are now expected to peak at 21-22 metres, one to two metres above the 1974 levels.

Anna Bligh and Bruce Gray at their 4.10pm press conference on Jan 11, 2011Speaking at her second press conference for the day, Bligh said the flood levels in Ipswich are expected to reach 18-19 metres tonight.

At least 6000 homes in the Brisbane area are at risk of flooding.

Bligh said 6 of the 72 unaccounted for people from last night have been located. Bruce Gray of Emergency Management Services said grave fears are held for the remaining 66.

Most of the residents of Forest Hill have been evacuated by helicopter today. 300 have been airlifted and about 120 remain.

Bligh said most of the south-east of Queensland needs to prepare for “enormous inconvenience”. An evacuation centre is being supplied with provisions for up to 3000 people.

Bligh said she would be holding press conferences every two hours to keep the public and the media informed. “We will only pass this test if we are calm and patient. Now is not a time for panic but to stick together and listen to advice from emergency services.”

  • Listen to Anna Bligh’s press conference (18m)

8.30pm AEDT UPDATE – Anna Bligh held another press briefing to advise further of arrangements for the coming 24 hours.

  • Listen to Anna Bligh (17m)
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