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Queensland Floods: Worsening Over Next 24 Hours

11.05am AEDT – Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has provided an update on overnight developments in the flood crisis, confirming that 8 people are confirmed dead and 72 unaccounted for.

Yesterday’s Toowoomba event has been described as a “super rain storm” that was impossible to predict.

Bligh said Ipswich can expect to receive 16 metres of flood water in the next 24 hours. Continuing rainfall could push this to 18 metres. In the 1974 floods, Ipswich peaked around 20 metres.

As the flood waters move towards Brisbane, Bligh said further releases of water from Wivenhoe Dam will take place.

  • Listen to Anna Bligh’s press conference with Emergency Management officials (30m)
  • Remarkable footage of the flood in Toowoomba yesterday showing the speed of the water sweeping away vehicles (6m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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