Asylum Facts: Booklet From Parliamentary Library

The Parliamentary Library has updated its booklet on asylum-seeker facts and figures.

The booklet provides responses to questions such as:

  • What is the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee?
  • Are asylum seekers ‘illegals’?
  • Are asylum seekers ‘queue jumpers’?
  • Do most asylum seekers arrive by boat?
  • Do boat arrivals ‘bring disease’ and are they a threat to security?
  • Are boat arrivals ‘genuine refugees’?
  • Do boat arrivals ‘take all Australia’s refugee places’?
  • Do refugees receive higher welfare benefits than Australians?
  • Is Australia being ‘swamped by boat arrivals’?
  • Is Australia being ‘swamped with asylum claims’?
  • Do developed countries bear the burden of hosting asylum seekers and refugees?

The booklet has been prepared by Janet Phillips of the Social Policy Section of the Parliamentary Library.

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