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Gillard and Swan Trade Blows With Abbott Over Flood Levy

Wayne Swan and Tony Abbott have traded blows as the debate over the proposed flood levy continues.

The Treasurer described Abbott’s attitudes and his speech to Young Liberals today as “disgusting”. He said it was disgusting that Abbott would seek to use the floods as a means to rise to power.

The Opposition Leader continued to claim that Australia did not need “yet another new tax” and offered to sit down with the Prime Minister to find another $1.8 billion in budget savings.

The Prime Minister said Abbott should “think again” and said she couldn’t understand how he could propose a levy to fund his election promises but opposed one for flood reconstruction.

  • Listen to Wayne Swan’s comments.
  • Listen to Tony Abbott’s comments.

Tony Abbott

  • Listen to Julia Gillard’s comments in Swan Hill.

Julia Gillard

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