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Abbott Seeks Donations To Fight Flood Levy

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is under fire tonight for an email sent to the Liberal Party’s email subscribers.

The email sets out Abbott’s arguments against the flood levy. It attacks the Prime Minister as “out of her depth”, and describes the levy as “the Gillard Government’s latest raid on people’s wallets. It calls for the deferral of the National Broadband Network and urges budget savings as a substitute for the flood levy.

The email concludes with: “PS. Click to donate to help our campaign against Labor’s flood tax.” Clicking the link takes the reader to the online donations page of the Liberal Party’s website.

The levy was was announced last week by Julia Gillard. It is designed to contribute $1.8 billion towards flood reconstruction. For every dollar it raised, the government is cutting budget spending by two dollars.

This is the email sent today:

Tony Abbott email 1/2

Tony Abbott email 2/2

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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