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Coalition Defeats Labor In NSW Election; O’Farrell New Premier

The NSW Labor government has been defeated in a massive swing at today’s election, after 16 years in office.


The widely-expected defeat has seen a two-party-preferred swing against the ALP of around 16%. The Liberal-Nationals have around 64% of the two-party vote.

The ALP’s primary vote has slumped by around 13% to 25%. It has lost at least 30 seats and will have around 18-21 seats in the 93-seat Legislative Assembly.

The Premier, Kristina Keneally, has conceded defeat. She became premier in December 2009, succeeding Nathan Rees, who in turn had succeeded Morris Iemma in September 2008. Iemma took over in August 2005, when Bob Carr retired after 10 years as premier.

The Labor government has been wracked by scandal and controversy in recent years. It support has collapsed in all areas around the state in tonight’s election.

The new Premier will be Barry O’Farrell, whose entire political career so far has been spent in opposition. He entered parliament in 1995 and became Leader of the Opposition in 2007.

  • Listen to Kristina Keneally concede defeat (13m)
  • Watch an extract of Keneally’s speech (9m)
  • Listen to Barry O’Farrell claim victory (15m)
  • Watch O’Farrell’s speech (12m)
  • Watch a Channel 10 report (3m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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