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Funding And Disclosure Report: 2010 Federal Election

Last updated on December 13, 2023

This is the election funding and disclosure report for the 2010 federal election.

The report was published by the Australian Electoral Commission and contains detailed statistics on election donations during the 2010 election.

The report shows that the AEC made total payments of $53,163,385.36 ($53.1 million) to candidates and parties in the 2010 election. The payments were based on a rate of $2.31191 for each vote received by a candidate or party, provided they reached the threshold of 4% of the primary vote.

Amongst political parties, the ALP received $22.2 million, the Liberal Party $21 million, the National Party $2.4 million and the Australian Greens ($7.2 million).

Independent candidates and minor parties that also received funding. For example, Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party received $17,000, whilst the Sex Party received $11,000. Amongst independents, Tony Windsor received $130,000 and Rob Oakeshott received $92,000.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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