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Senator Mary Jo Fisher To Resign

Mary Jo FisherLiberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher has announced that she will resign from the Senate on August 10.

Fisher cited her depressive illness and her recent trial as reasons for her retirement.

Fisher was appointed to the Senate in 2007, replacing Amanda Vanstone. She was elected to a full term in 2010.

The South Australian parliament will appoint a replacement for Fisher.

Under Section 15 of the Constitution, the parliament is obliged to appoint a person nominated by the Liberal Party.

Text of statement released by Senator Mary Jo Fisher.

I am today announcing my intention to resign my position as a Senator representing the people of SA, effective 10 August 2012.

I do so on medical advice and after experiencing a further panic attack, similar but less severe than the one which caused such grief 18 months ago.

It has become undeniable that for me, the road to full recovery from my depressive illness has been hampered by my trying to get better, at the same time as continuing to serve in public office. My faltering recovery was exacerbated by repeated pressures from dogged, calculated and deliberate attempts by the police prosecution service to do everything possible to increase the length, complexity, cost and emotional turmoil both of my recent and extended trial, and the subsequent and continuing post-trial cost processes.

I thank my long-suffering family, friends and Parliamentary colleagues for their support through this persistently tough period. I am particularly thankful to my senatorial staff, each one of whom has stayed with me through exceptionally testing times. Without all of this support, the ordeal would be impossible.

It’s been a privilege to represent South Australians for the past 5 years as a Liberal Senator. In the main, I have enjoyed it and hope that I have made a difference for the better.

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