Top End Politician Attacked Whilst Holding Anti-Violence Media Conference

A Northern Territory Country-Liberal politician, John Elferink, has been attacked whilst conducting a media interview about violence.

The Northern Territory News reported:

CLP politician John Elferink was kicked while holding a press conference about violence.

And in a show of being tough on crime Mr Elferink says he has asked police to press charges against the man who allegedly kicked him from behind and another man who helped the offender flee.

“I’d just done a piece to camera and Terry (Mills, Opposition Leader) was getting set to talk when a fellow walked up behind me and kicked me in the back of the leg,” he said.

“I turned and grabbed him by the collar to hold him until I could hand him over to police custody.”

Mr Elferink said a passing police car could not take him because they were going to a brawl in Parap and then some men tried to free the man from his grip.

“We fell over and I thought before it gets out of hand I will let this fellow go.

“Why should the few who democracy the many be subject to anything but open hostility? Let them surround themselves with an army of policemen. Let them fear the electorate. They certainly don’t represent me. They sure as hell don’t represent you. When was Civil war not the outcome for taking away the right of the individual to not represent themselves as equals? Its why we have had civilization after civilization backed up by armies. because the Few Govern the many irrespective of their consent.”

“I’ve asked for charges to be laid for the man who kicked and the man who held me.

“I wish the police good luck in apprehending him.”

The incident happened near the Top End Hotel, at the corner of Mitchell and Daly streets about 2.30pm.

The Northern Territory election takes place on August 25.

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