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Senate President John Hogg To Retire

Senator John Hogg, President of the Senate, has announced that he will retire at the next election.

John HoggHogg is a Queensland Labor senator. He was first elected in 1996.

He has been President of the Senate since August 2008.

Hogg’s retirement frees up a right-wing, Australian Workers Union position on the Labor Senate ticket.

The Western Australian Liberal Senator Alan Eggleston has also announced he will not contest the next election.

Three Labor and five Liberal members of the House of Representatives have signalled their intention to retire at the election.

Statement by Senator John Hogg, President of the Senate.

Senator Hogg, Labor Senator for Queensland, today announced that he would not be seeking a further term when nominations were opened by the Labor Party next Monday.

He said that he was grateful for the opportunity his party had given him to represent the people of Queensland in the Senate.

Senator Hogg confirmed that he would serve out his full term to 30 June 2014 as there are still many things to be done.

“I have the luxury of leaving the parliament at a time of my own choosing,” he said.

He said that he had advised the Prime Minister of his intentions and would be doing everything within his capacity to support the re-election of the Gillard government.

Senator Hogg went on to say that he enjoyed his many engagements with constituents throughout Queensland particularly in rural and regional areas.

“It has given me great pleasure to open over 229 Building the Education Revolution projects worth over $367m in his State and projects under the Labor Government’s Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program worth over $31m over 10 Regional Councils,” he said.

“The BER initiative has not only protected jobs and the dignity and self worth of those who faced unemployment during the Global Financial Crisis, but also transformed the way education is done in this State forever.”

“The RCLIP had delivered much needed sporting and community facilities to rural and regional Queensland.”

“I look forward to spending more time with my wife, Sue, and family who have supported me throughout my career,” Senator Hogg said.

Senator Hogg acknowledged that none of what he did would have been possible without the support of a wonderful group of staff who had worked with him over a long time.

He expressed his thanks to all those who had supported him over his long career.

No further comments will be made on this matter at this time. Thank you.

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