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Liberals Remember The Labor-Greens Anniversary

On the anniversary of the Labor-Greens agreement signed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2010, this is an advertisement posted on YouTube by the Liberal Party.

This is the text of a release from the Liberal Party.

Two years of a compromised government


Two years ago today, Julia Gillard and Bob Brown signed a deal that gave the Greens unprecedented power in the Australian government – and gave us all the world’s biggest Carbon Tax.

The Labor-Greens’ partnership has been a disaster for Australia. Instead of the federal government providing certainty and steadiness, their unpredictability, dishonesty and new taxes have shredded confidence.

For two years, Labor and the Greens have gone after middle Australia – imposing the Carbon Tax, cutting the private health insurance rebate, slashing childcare rebates, and attacking superannuation.

While Julia Gillard may claim she is in government, we know that the real power is held by the Greens – and when it comes to the Carbon Tax, they are not afraid to admit it:

“And it’s happening because we have shared power in Australia. Majority governments wouldn’t have delivered this outcome. It is because the Greens are in the balance of power and working with the other parties to deliver, not only aspirations, but the process to achieve it.” – (Senator Christine Milne Press conference, 24.2.11)

But the introduction of the Carbon Tax is just one of dozens of decisions that Julia Gillard has been forced to make to appease the Greens and maintain her grip on power.

Ten examples of decisions that the Gillard Government has made from its partnership with the Greens:

  1. Breaking its promise on a Carbon Tax;
  2. Breaking its promise on a Citizens’ Assembly;
  3. Establishing a $10 billion slush fund for favoured renewable energy projects;
  4. Cutting the private health insurance rebate;
  5. Reducing the childcare rebate at a time of skyrocketing childcare fees;
  6. Abolishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission – returning union militancy to the construction industry;
  7. Quietly dissolving the Work for the Dole scheme;
  8. Increasing Fringe Benefits Tax on vehicles;
  9. Establishing an inquiry into the media;
  10. Creating marine reserves without proper community consultation.

For the past two years life has been made more difficult because of the Labor-Greens’ partnership.

While Labor and the Greens increase taxes, penalise middle Australia and make conditions harder for small business, Australia goes backwards.

But there is a better way. The Coalition has a strong plan that will deliver the hope, reward and opportunity that all Australians need and deserve.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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