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Leveson’s Australian Speech On The Media

Fresh from delivering his report on media standards and ethics to the British government, Lord Chief Justice Brian Leveson has given a speech on the media at the University of Melbourne.

Leveson called for tougher laws to regulate a changing media. He said the criminal and civil law needed to be equally applicable to the established media and the new world of bloggers and tweeters.


In an unusual speech that somewhat simplistically restated basic observations about recent changes in the media, Leveson suggested that, in the face of amateur journalists online, the established media might cut corners and behave unethically in order to stay ahead of the game. “It may encourage unethical and, potentially, unlawful practices to get a story,” Leveson said.

  • Listen to Leveson’s speech (45m)
  • Listen to Leveson’s response to questions (22m)
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