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Classic Interview: Lisa Clutterham, Lalor ALP Preselection Candidate

Last updated on March 31, 2024

The ALP preselection for Lalor, brought about by the retirement of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, took a comical turn today with a radio appearance by candidate Lisa Clutterham.

Clutterham, a 29-year-old junior diplomat who has never lived in Melbourne and only joined the ALP last month, was interviewed by Jon Faine on ABC774.

Clutterham conceded she had no connections with Melbourne. She said her partner had visited relatives in Werribee.

The newly-appointed Trade Minister in the Rudd government, Richard Marles, is reported to support Clutterham.

Julia Gillard has gone on the record in support of a local primary school principal, Joanne Ryan, as the candidate for Lalor. However, Ryan’s ALP membership lapsed in 2010.

  • Listen to Clutterham’s interview with Jon Faine (13m)
  • Watch an extract of the interview:
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