Albanese Enters Contest For ALP Leadership; Rank And File Ballot In Coming Weeks

Anthony Albanese has told the Federal ALP Caucus that he will nominate for the position of leader.

The ALP will now hold a historic ballot of rank and file party members who will be asked to choose between Albanese, Bill Shorten and any other contender who nominates in the next week.

The Treasurer in the outgoing government, Chris Bowen, will be interim leader of the party whilst the ballot is held over the next month. Bowen spoke to the media after the Caucus meeting to announce the ballot.


The rank and file ballot will be weighted at 50% with the other 50% vote coming from the Caucus. The Caucus will not vote until the rank and file ballot has taken place but the Caucus will not know the result of the party ballot.

Existing ministerial holders will act as shadow ministers until the new leader is elected.

Whilst it is impossible to know who will win the leadership contest, many people believe Bill Shorten will win the Caucus ballot whilst Albanese will win the rank and file ballot. Liberal Party spokespeople have already started talking about an ALP leader who lacks the support of his colleagues.

  • Listen to Chris Bowen’s media conference (13m)
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