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Bill Shorten Says ALP Leadership Contest Should Be Civil And Focus On Big Ideas

Bill Shorten has described himself as a builder who will lead a team if he is chosen as the ALP’s next leader.

Speaking after today’s ALP Caucus meeting, Shorten said the task of the labour movement is to bring the party together and bring more people into the party.

“I’m a campaigner and I’m a builder,” Shorten said. He cited his role in building the disability insurance scheme as evidence of his commitment to big ideas.


Describing the rank and file ballot of Labor Party members as “new politics”, Shorten said now was the time for unity of purpose and good ideas. “We want to be a party of big ideas,” he said.

Shorten said Labor needed to be “modern, open and inclusive”. He said the ALP needed to be “a party that reflects the dynamism of our communities”.

Shorten said Labor had to stand for a productive, innovative and competitive economy.

The campaign for the leadership would be “civil”, Shorten said. “It will be about engaging and listening to our members.”

  • Listen to Shorten’s media conference (18m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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