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Sophie Mirabella Concedes Defeat In Indi; Palmer Falls Behind In Fairfax

Sophie Mirabella, the Liberal member for the Victorian electorate of Indi since 2001, has conceded defeat to the independent candidate, Cathy McGowan.

MirabellaMirabella’s concession came during the swearing-in of the Abbott government in which Mirabella expected to be a Cabinet minister.

The latest counting in Indi shows McGowan leading Mirabella by 395 votes, or 50.22% of the two-party-preferred vote. There are 414 declaration votes still to count.

In a gracious statement, Mirabella said she would not seek a recount. “I unreservedly accept the decision of the democratic process,” she said.

In other counting today, Clive Palmer has lost the lead in Fairfax. He now trails by 18 votes with 1,786 votes still to count. On the trend over the past week, Palmer is most likely to lose.

In the Victorian electorate of McEwen, the sitting ALP member, Rob Mitchell, is now 312 votes ahead, with 4,344 votes left to count. He is now expected to win, given the trend in recent days.

In NSW, the ALP trails by 628 votes in Barton. The ALP is behind by 1,102 votes in Eden-Monaro but Julie Owens leads by 972 votes in Parramatta.

The ALP now seems set to finish the election with 55 seats, a loss of 17. Assuming the Coalition wins Fairfax, it will have 91 seats. There will be 4 members on the crossbenches: Adam Bandt, Bob Katter, Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan.

The Abbott government’s majority on the floor of the House, after supplying Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker, will be 30.

Statement by Sophie Mirabella.

Today I have contacted Cathy McGowan to congratulate her on her win in Indi and concede defeat.

Representing the people of Indi in the Federal Parliament has been a high honour and a very special privilege.

I want to thank the electors of Indi for their support over the last decade. They have enriched my life and that of my family and, together, we have achieved so much for our community.

I also thank those who voted for the Liberal Party in this election and in the previous four elections in Indi.

This election is over and the responsibility for the outcome is mine.

Despite the closeness of the count I have decided not to seek a recount. I unreservedly accept the decision of the democratic process.

I will work with every ounce of my being to see this seat return to the Coalition but that is for another day.

I am just so grateful to everyone in the Liberal and National Parties who have supported my campaign and, to Tony Abbott, I repeat my overwhelming thanks for his selfless generosity and mentorship.

Today is for Cathy McGowan. I wish her success in the service of the people of Indi.

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