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Morrison Confirms ‘Tactical’ Secrecy On Turning Back Asylum-Seeker Boats

The Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, has confirmed that the government will not let the media know if asylum-seeker boats have been turned back to Indonesia.


Speaking at his first news conference since taking office, Morrison said the government was not in the business of providing “shipping news” to people smugglers.

Morrison appeared with Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, the Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders. Campbell said 33 people had arrived on one boat since the government took office on September 18.


Morrison said “tactical” issues would not be canvassed with the media but the government would be “transparent” about the number of people transferred to regional processing centres. He said the government would send all arrivals at Christmas Island to Nauru or Manus Island within 48 hours.

Interim Opposition Leader Chris Bowen attacked the government, calling its approach a “disgrace” and an “extraordinary lack of transparency”.

  • Listen to Morrison and Campbell (37m)
  • Listen to Bowen (3m)


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