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Julia Gillard In Conversation With Anne Summers

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made her first major public appearance since being deposed last June.


The former Labor leader appeared with journalist Anne Summers before a crowd of 2600 people at the Sydney Opera House.

Gillard announced that she would be working for the Brookings Institution in Washington on global education issues. She will also soon be taking up a position as an honorary professor at the University of Adelaide.

The 90-minute session was less an interview than an opportunity for Summers and a cheering audience to pay homage to Australia’s first woman prime minister.

  • Listen to Gillard and Summers (90m)
  • Watch Gillard on allegations of backstabbing (1m)
  • Watch Gillard comment on her misogyny speech (5m)
  • A young boy asks Gillard about gay marriage (3m)
  • Gillard’s advice to Abbott: “Ask Tanya” (1m)
  • Gillard on her relationship with Barack Obama (2m)
  • Gillard on Abbott and positivity (1m)



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