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Julia Gillard’s Melbourne Conversation With Anne Summers

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has appeared at the Melbourne Town Hall in her second appearance in conversation with Anne Summers.


As with last night’s Sydney Opera House appearance, Gillard spoke to a rapturous crowd who frequently cheered and applauded her remarks.

Tonight’s discussion contained more substance and canvassed more issues. Many questions centred on issues of gender, sexism and misogyny.

Gillard conceded that allowing the carbon pricing mechanism to be labelled a tax was a central issue that impacted on her bonds of trust with the electorate.

In response to a question from a young girl, Gillard stepped back from an overly negative portrayal of her experience as a female political leader. She said she didn’t want to depict her time as akin to a “Dickensian, dark Satanic mill”.

Gillard quoted Paul Keating as telling her: “Love, we all get taken out in a box.”

  • Listen to Gillard’s Melbourne Town Hall appearance (92m)
  • Watch Gillard (93m)


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