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AEC Defers Declaration Of W.A. Senate Poll To Consider Recount Request

The Australian Electoral Commission has deferred the declaration of the Western Australian Senate poll whilst it considers requests for a recount.

The declaration was due to take place at 11.30am today, W.A. time.

Recount requests were made by the defeated Greens senator, Scott Ludlam, and the Australian Sports Party candidate, Wayne Dropulich. The request was denied by the AEC yesterday. Senator Ludlam last night appealed against the decision, as he is entitle to do under Section 278(2) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

This is the letter from Senator Ludlam to the AEC:

Media release from the Australian Electoral Commission.

Australian Electoral Commission statement: Declaration of Western Australia Senators deferred

The Australian Electoral Officer for WA, Peter Kramer, has deferred the formal declaration of the poll for the Senate election in Western Australia, whilst the Electoral Commissioner considers further requests for a recount made by Greens (WA) candidate Mr Scott Ludlam and Australian Sports Party (WA) candidate Mr Wayne Dropulich.

The rescheduled declaration of the poll was due to take place at 11:30am (AWST) this morning but will now occur at a later date.

The AEC will provide further advice when it is available.


Section 278(1) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 makes provision for a Senate candidate to lodge a written request for a recount with reasons. The AEO may then, at any time before the declaration of the result, direct or conduct a re-count of the ballot papers contained in any parcel or in any other category determined by the AEO.

If the AEO declines the request of a candidate, section 278(2) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 makes provision for the Senate candidate to appeal to the Australian Electoral Commissioner. The Electoral Commissioner may then either direct a recount or decline to direct a recount.

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