Abbott And Hunt Release Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation

The Abbott government has released an exposure draft of its carbon tax repeal legislation.

The legislation will be open for consultation until November 4, ahead of the return of Parliament on November 12.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Environment Minister Greg Hunt made the announcement at a press conference in Canberra today. They reaffirmed their commitment to introducing the repeal legislation as the first item of business in the new Parliament.


Describing new Labor leader Bill Shorten as a “pragmatist”, Abbott said the legislation gave the ALP a last chance to “repent” for its breach of faith with the Australian community when it introduced the carbon tax. “If you are in favour of a good deal for Australian families, and a fair deal for Australian workers and jobs, this is legislation you must support.”

Hunt said: “The carbon tax repeal legislation is about helping families, helping businesses, and about helping Australian jobs.” He said the carbon tax is nothing more than a tax on electricity.

Abbott indicated that he would like the Senate to consider the legislation before Christmas. “But I’m only the prime minister,” he said.

Abbott said the sitting of Parliament was subject to the return of the writs. The Australian Electoral Commission has already returned all the writs except for Queensland where it is awaiting the result of the recount in Fairfax.

Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation – PDF Downloads

  1. Repeal of the Carbon Tax Consultation Paper
  2. Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013
  3. Customs Tariff Amendment (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013
  4. Excise Tariff Amendment (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013
  5. Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (Import Levy) Amendment (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013
  6. Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (Manufacture Levy) Amendment (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013
  7. True-up Shortfall Levy (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013
  8. Clean Energy (Income Tax Rates and Other Amendments) Bill 2013
  9. Climate Change Authority (Abolition) Bill 2013
  • Listen to Abbott and Hunt (20m)
  • Watch Abbott and Hunt (20m)
  • Listen to Adam Bandt, Australian Greens, comment on the repeal legislation
  • Watch Adam Bandt (5m)

Joint press release from Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Environment Minister Greg Hunt.


Today, the Government releases the carbon tax repeal bills for public consideration.

In line with our clear election commitment, the Government’s first item of parliamentary business will be the legislation to abolish the carbon tax.

This will lower costs for Australian businesses and manufacturers, boost growth, increase jobs and ease cost of living pressures for households.

On average, households will be around $550 better off in 2014-15 than they would have been with the carbon tax in place. This is about taking the pressure of electricity and gas bills.

While the carbon tax will be gone, the household assistance already provided will remain to help families with the cost of living.

Mr Shorten and the Labor Party must listen to the clear message that the Australian people sent at the last election.

Every day the Labor Party opposes the repeal of the carbon tax is another day that the Labor Party supports higher electricity prices for Australian families and businesses.

The repeal bills will remove the carbon tax, end the carbon tax on fuels used in shipping, rail and air transport and on synthetic greenhouse gases. The Climate Change Authority will also be abolished.

Abolishing the carbon tax will improve Australia’s international competitiveness, which was being undermined by the unfair hit on business.

The legislation will give the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission further powers to take action against businesses that engage in price exploitation following the repeal of the carbon tax.

Carbon tax industry assistance, including the Jobs and Competitiveness Program, will continue until 30 June 2014 to assist affected businesses.

Repeal of the carbon tax represents a major contribution to the Government’s deregulation agenda by removing around 440 pages of legislation and reducing business compliance costs by about $100 million annually.

With the release of the draft repeal bills, businesses have an opportunity to comment on the specific details of the repeal process. Good governments engage in proper consultation, which means that the draft legislation could be further refined before introduction to the Parliament.

Public consultation will be invited until 4 November 2013.

Media release from Mark Butler, ALP spokesman for Climate Change and the Environment.


Labor has long supported a market based mechanism with a legal limit on carbon pollution via an emissions trading scheme (ETS). This is the model in place or being introduced across the world from Germany and Britain to California, China and Japan.

Labor said clearly during the election campaign that we intended to terminate the Carbon Tax and move quickly to an ETS. The Coalition instead will throw the baby out with the bath water, and leave Australia with no credible policy on climate change.

While the rest of the world is moving forward on combatting climate change, Tony Abbott is trying to take Australia backwards.

Labor stands by its election commitment to support the termination of the Carbon Tax provided that a market based mechanism that reduces carbon pollution is put in its place, along with a strong commitment to expanding renewable energy.

Tony Abbott talks about the cost to the Australian people with no mention of the fact that under Direct Action the Government will need to spend $4 to $15 billion more than what it has currently promised.

That’s $4 to $15 billion of taxpayer’s money in an ever-growing budget black hole that will continue to grow as the need for action on carbon pollution increases over time. Even their tree planting idea – panned by experts as inadequate as a means of combating carbon pollution – would require tens of millions of hectares of trees to be planted costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

It’s time Tony Abbott stopped trying to scare the Australian people and started telling the truth.
Around the world, more nations are taking strong action on climate change.

We won’t back down on acting on climate change – or agree to a policy that increases carbon emissions while slugging the Australian taxpayer.

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