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W.A. Senate Result Declared

The result of the Western Australian Senate count has been officially declared, in Perth today.

Peter Kramer, the Australian Electoral Officer for Western Australia, declared the result which saw 3 Liberals, 1 Labor, 1 Greens and 1 Sports Party candidates elected. He then took questions about the conduct of the ballot.


Wayne Dropulich (Sports Party), Senator Scott Ludlam (Greens) and Senator Louise Pratt (ALP) also spoke following the declaration. Ludlam said: “Just to be clear, I know that this result will contested…and I think that is appropriate.”

The declaration clears the path for a challenge to the result which has seen a recount and the disappearance of 1,375 votes. Clive Palmer has already indicated that his party will challenge the result. The AEC may itself petition the Court of Disputed Returns to overturn the result. Any challenge will be heard by the High Court sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns.

  • Listen to the Declaration, speeches and questions (23m)


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Malcolm Farnsworth
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